About us

ICT4High is an initiative primarily designed to teach ICT (Information Communication Technology) for High School students in Ethiopia. This involves equipping students so that they start to acquire digital mind set with the algorithms they are learning in through the project. Currently, this company is working in partner with Greentech IT Solutions which is a local private company.

Our mission is to mold the brain of high school students with interactive, quality, transformational ICT courses. By creating awareness, introducing them to recent technologies, involving them in a project that can be implemented in a real world and finally by challenging them to aspire to pursue their hire education in

To create experts it is always best strategy to target students; anyone who can learn. ICT4High then focuses on high school students believing educating them plays a direct involvement on the country’s every aspect as far as development is concerned!

ICT4High is then here to empower students by giving them the tool of ICT knowledge so that they are able to better their community and continent in general. The company believes Africa’s development will be achieved with the sum of accelerated developments in each African country. Ethiopia being part of this continent needs ICT experts that can change its economic and social history.